A real time analyzer is a device that displays the amplitude of sound at groups of frequencies. Typically, the more expensive the analyzer, the finer the resolution in fractions of an octave.

Gold Line Analyzers by Retail Price Range
ModelTypeAprx. Price
ASA10BOctave Band w/SPL - Hand Held$325.00
DSP30Digital 1/3 Octave - Portable$1625.00*
DSPCIWDigital 1/3 Octave Black Box - Windows - Portable$1200.00*
TEF25TEF Analysis - Portable Dual Channel$1875.00**

* DSP30 Series Products can be upgraded to higher resolutions, and additional features by ordering optional firmware options.
**10% Web Order Discounts do not Apply to TEF Products, which are only available factory direct.

How Much Analyzer do I Need?

ASA10B - When you need to know the Sound Pressure Level

The ASA10B has a calibrated switch to allow you to measure not only the frequency response like the M10, but to also to measure the overall level of the sound in A or C weighting. Some clubs have limits like 103dB(a)SPL. The price is slightly higher at $374.00, but as the ASA10B does not include pink noise, you will need to either use a CD or tape with Pink Noise on it, or you will have to purchase an external Pink Noise Generator such as the PN2 for $95.00. Of course you can take your less ten off of these prices if you purchase factory direct.

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DSP30 and DSPCIW - Working with Digital Analysis

Most professionals who are going to be working on a regular basis with analysis opt for the power of digital. Because the analysis is done on a Digital Signal Processing Chip, the units can be purchased in a basic 1/3rd Octave Configuration, but then can be upgraded to provide advanced features such as RT60, Impedance Plots, Noise Criteria, 1/6th or 1/12th octave resolution, and a computer interface to work in Windows. Digital analyzers can also post process data, allowing data stored in 3dB scale to be converted to scales as fine as 1/4dB. If you work with parametric equalizers, mid to large churches, or a professional band, the DSP30 series analyzers are the tools of choice.

Here on the Website you can find information about all of the software options available for the DSP series analyzers.

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TEF25 - Advanced Measurement Systems

The TEF25 is the most popular advanced analyzer owned by American Acoustical Consulting firms. Software packages include Time Delay Spectrometry, Maximum Length Sequence, FFT, RTA, Polar, Polar ETC, Noise Level Analysis and automated programs for Loudspeaker or Microphone manufacturers. See the TEF section of the Website for in depth information on TEF programs and hardware.

Please note the price of a TEF does not include the microphone. See our TEF section of the Website for a list of available kits, microphones, calibrators and accessories.

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