Gold Line Intelligibility System At Use in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Acentech, Inc., of Cambridge, MA , has been contracted by Siemens Buildings Technologies, Inc., to evaluate the intelligibility of the voice evacuation systems at the new Boston Convention Expo Center. Located just minutes from Boston's Logan Airport, the Expo Center is a premier venue, which poses significant challenges for Intelligibility. The panel is a Siemens MXLV and the city of Boston has certified the voice evacuation system for use with the main house system for the exhibit hall and ballroom at the Expo Center.

One of the most demanding spaces in the Expo Center is the Exhibit hall which is approximately 1,000 feet long by 400' wide with a central high-bay area of 100' high ceilings. The structure utilizes concrete floors and lower walls, and steel upper walls and roof with acoustical metal roof deck . The specification calls for measurements to be made on a 30' grid in the exhibit hall, which means approximately 500 measurements. Even more measurements were made in other parts of the convention center, including meeting rooms, corridor and pre-function area. Even food service walk-in freezers were required to be tested for intelligibility --everywhere that voice evacuation loudspeakers were located.

Larry Philbrick, Supervisory Consultant for Acentech , has been overseeing the Contract, and has found that by utilizing the DSP30B STICis® system, as developed by Gold Line, he can make a measurement a minute, which includes the time to move from one measurement location to the next. Traditional systems took up to 10 minutes per measurements, and accordingly with two men working on the job, one at the analyzer, and one with the microphone, the time savings works out to over two man weeks. A very significant savings for the client.

The DSP30B utilized by Acentech weighs 2 lbs and is battery operated, allowing a high degree of mobility. Or, for large jobs such as this one, Acentech utilizes a Golf cart and connection to AC Power to allow them to run computers and gear for an entire work day.

Work on the Exhibit Halls is ongoing, but STICis® and Acentech are providing the data necessary for evaluation.

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