14 Function Sine-Wave Generator with Phantom Power Indicator

GL14 Multifunction Tester
  • Rugged and Easy To Use
  • Cost Effective
  • 7 Sine Waves
  • 7 Sweeps and Pulses

  • The NEW 14 function sine wave generator with a Phantom Power Indicator is a handy and cost effective tool. Rugged and pocket-sized, it belongs in every toolbox. The compact design features a Microphone Level Output with 14 functions activated by a single push button. Packaged in a Standard Neutrik XLR connector, the GL14 is easy to carry and easy to use. Its multiple functions will help you with the analysis and calibration of sound systems and will facilitate trouble shooting. The internal amplifier in the GL14 utilizes phantom power from your XLR audio mic lines to generate the tones.
    Functions Included
  • Sine Waves:
  • 100Hz
  • 250Hz
  • 315Hz
  • 400Hz
  • 1kHz
  • 2kHz
  • 10kHz
  • Sweeps and Pulses:
  • Low/High Sine Wave - Simultaneous 40Hz and 2.4kHz signal
  • Delay Pulse - Repeated pulse
  • Cyclical Sine Waves - Step thru all 7 sine waves
  • Cyclical Level 1kHz - 1kHz stepped at different levels
  • 2kHz Pulse
  • Sweep Trace - Special signal to detect line breaks
  • Phantom Power Indicator - Tests that power is present

    OUTPUT LEVEL - UNBALANCED: 14mV (-37.1dBV) @ 1kHz; 21.4mV (-33.4dbV) @ 10kHz.
    POWER REQUIREMENTS: 12Vdc - 48Vdc phantom power.
    SIZE (L x D); WEIGHT: 2.75" x .75"; 2 oz.
    CASE MATERIAL: Die cast body.

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    GL14 Manual 18K unzipped.

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