From: Greg Miller, Gold Line National Sales Manager
Subject: Gold Line on Tour - Pearl Jam

We recently caught up with Brett Eliasson, Pearl Jam's audio guru. Brett has done the production for several of Pearl Jam's recent albums, and was Front of House "FOH" for the '98 Pearl Jam Tour.
Brett is currently out on the road as both FOH and Tour Manager for Pearl Jam's side band, 3 Fish, and we spent an evening with him at the Wetlands Preserve nightclub in New York City. Unlike a full Pearl Jam Tour which arrives in multiple tractor trailer trucks and a fleet of Prevost buses, the 3 Fish Tour travels in a single Prevost with a trailer in tow for Brett's signal processing gear and the bands stage props. PA each night is whatever is owned by the club, and venue sizes range from fairly intimate to a few thousand hardcore fans.

Like most concert tours, Brett puts on six shows a week for approximately one month, travelling coast to coast in the process. In many ways these are the hardest shows for an FOH, as you never know what you will have for PA. At least on the Pearl Jam Tour, you have Rat Sounds custom array. At the club level PA ranges from fairly good to fairly poor. Accordingly, the ability to quickly analyze and work with very different systems is critical.

As in the Pearl Jam Tour, Brett is again using a Gold Line DSPCIW digital RTA connected to his laptop for analysis, EQ and to monitor levels throughout the show. He reports that he uses the DSPCIW both in the studio and on the road, and that it continues to work flawlessly. His analyzer is always set up during the show with the Laptop display next to the console.

Performances in New York City always have a special excitement. The Wetlands with its cavern like hard cement walls, Meyer Sound PA, 40 Channel Crest Console and Crown Amplification has the hardware to rock and roll. The room, however, is challenging to EQ. Brett is a very capable audio engineer, but the results speak for themselves. The Sound was impressive, and we were pleased to have been a part of presenting a hot Three Fish show to their New York City fans.

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