PWN1 Personal White Noise Generator

PWN1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Model PWN1 Personal White Noise Generator produces an adjustable audible random sound with an equal amount of energy per Hertz (Hz) of bandwidth, normally referred to as “White Noise”. This sound can be used to acoustically mask a selected environment. Acoustic masking is where a low level background sound is added to an area in order to:

1. Make other noise coming into an area less distracting or
2. To reduce the chance of overhearing adjacent conversations or
3. To reduce the chance of having your conversation overheard by someone else.
4. To aid in alleviating the effects of tinnitus by providing a low-level broad-band noise to help achieve the "habituation" of tinnitus.
For a brief discussion of tinnitus and why the PWN1 may be helpful, click here.

The Model PWN1 has a built in speaker which allows the user to put background noise wherever he/she wants. Place the Noise Generator right next to you on a desk or table or on the other side of the room. The volume control permits the injection of only as much noise as is needed. The idea is not to overpower the offending noise or conversation but to inject just enough random sound to make it less distracting. The noise signal can also be patched into a sound system through the ¼” output jack. This would allow for a broader reaching noise pattern.

Care should be taken when doing this as too high a noise signal input could result in damage to the sound system. White noise produces much more high frequency noise than low frequency noise and could damage tweeter speakers at elevated levels. Many people mistakenly believe that their 1000W speakers can't be damaged with their 250W amplifiers -- until they find the tweeters were rated for 100W. Always start with the gain control of the PWN1 at its lowest position when powering up a sound system.

The Model PWN1 can be powered with a standard 9 Volt battery or can be powered with the battery eliminator provided. Plugging the BE1 battery eliminator into the PWN1 disconnects the battery (if installed) from the circuit so that only the BE1 is actively powering the PWN1. Please Note: There is no provision for the recharging of batteries in the PWN1.

Please Note: This product carries a 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects. It cannot be returned for refund only.

OUTPUT: Signal out - unbalanced ¼" jack, impedance of 620 ohms.
OUTPUT LEVEL: Line output: -36dBu to +13dBu
Speaker output: 30dBa SPL to 72dBa SPL @ 1 meter
POWER REQUIREMENTS: Internal: 9V battery. To access, slide back plastic cover on rear of case.
External: 12Vdc @ 200mA via 3.5mm jack (Model BE1 supplied).
EN 55022 B
IMMUNITY: - CE Mark EN 55024 B
SIZE (W x H x D); WEIGHT: 3" x 5½" x 1.75"; 7 oz.

pdf Download in Adobe® PDF format.
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PWN1 Manual 15K unzipped.

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