User comments on the STICistm Intelligibility software:

"We took delivery of a fully loaded DSP-30 with STI-PA about 2 months ago and used it to commission the PA and emergency evacuation system at a UK soccer ground last week. Very impressive! The time saved in not having to carry a TEF and a laptop and run power and/or mic cables all over the show was considerable. And as each measurement takes only 15 seconds, and with the facility of toggling between SPL and STI the whole stadium was checked out in a couple of hours, with the results logged to the internal memory of the DSP-30. Very impressive and with good repeatability."

Ken Dibble
Ken Dibble Acoustics
PO Box 541

A recent discussion on the Gold Line / TEF List Serve yielded the following example of the correlation of TDS, MLS and STICis/STI-PA measurements from a TEF workshop held in a church in Miami, FL.

"I've used the STICis/STI-PA system many times and have found that it consistently corresponds with measurements taken using MLS and TDS. Here's an example of data from the church we used for the last TEF workshop in Miami; Holy Family Catholic Church. Those that attended the workshop will recall hearing about the removal of carpet (replaced with marble tile!) and the results: diminished intelligibility. Not much of a surprise there!"

Position TDS MLS STICis
A 0.47 0.46 0.43
B 0.48 0.46 0.46

Position Noise Criteria L90
A NC-20 25.3 dBA
B NC-20 25.3 dBA

"At Position A, all data is within +/- .02. Position B was even closer. The overall variations are minuscule and indicate excellent correlation between the three platforms."

"I'd encourage anyone interested in a simple means to obtain accurate, easily repeatable intelligibility data take a serious look at the STICis/STI-PA system."

Don Washburn
DiModica Sales
7041 W. Commercial Blvd, 6-C
Tamarac, FL 33319-2145

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