TEF Tips - Update Flash Memory
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Gray or Green Face Icon TEF20 analyzer is not detecting attached computer. No relay clicking is heard.
Protocol Click = Single Left Click. [Bold Face] = Buttons/Menu Commands. Bold Face = Important Information. Italics = Filled in information. Underline = Text box.

When the flash memory of your TEF20 becomes scrambled, communications cannot not be accomplished. Before attempting to reload the flash memory, verify that the following conditions exist.
1. No relay clicking is heard when TEF is powered up or when Reset is pushed.
2. Power LED is on.
3. Dip switch positions 7 and 8 are set to off (Up). (TEF Mode).
4. Dip switch positions 5 and 6 are set to on (Down) for 57600 Baud Rate.
5. You are running Sound Lab for Windows V6.6.4b or higher software.

Then ...

1. Launch TEF software.
2. Click the [Input] button on the Menu Bar.
TEF Menu Bar With Gray Face
3. Click on [Communications] on the pull down menu.
4. Under [Settings], make sure Com Port Baud Rate is set to 57600.
Comm Settings Tab
5. Under the [Hardware] tab,
6. Select your com port. Usually COM1.
Comm Hardware Tab
7. You should now have an "unhappy" (green face) in the TEF Status Icon. Not A Happy Face
8. Click on [Help] - [Update EEprom]. Help Pulldown Menu
9. Work through the test boxes -
[Test Communications], [Enter Monitor Mode], [Update Flash].
Update EEprom Menu

If the Enter Monitor Mode button is not available, use Force Monitor Mode instead. This requires Dip Switch positions 7 AND 8 to be set to the On (Down) position.
Click [Force Monitor Mode] followed immediately by pressing the TEF20's Reset Button. This will make the Update Flash button available.
It is sometimes necessary to repeat this process once or twice to restore communications.

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