The Power Platform

The TEF Analyzers are dedicated instruments designed to perform Time, Energy and Frequency (TEF®) measurements using the science of Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS).
The power of the TEF platform lies in its ability to join specialized software and the TEF25 or TEF20 analyzer with your computer to form a complete measurement system.
The TEF analyzers feature powerful processors with the speed and power to execute millions of instructions per second enabling it to accurately process complex acoustical data.
Sound contractors, consultants and engineers rely on TEF when they design, install and verify sound systems and solve problems associated with various aspects of room evaluation.
Optional software packages perform such functions as real time analysis, precision equalization, noise level analysis to name a few.
An invaluable tool, TEF analyzers enable the sound professional to see and measure existing acoustical problems while evaluating each change as it is made. When it comes to system design, verification and validation, nothing comes close to a TEF.

The TEF25 is the core of a series of new product assortments. The TEF25 is a True Dual Channel Analyzer with accurate Phase Information, Balanced Inputs and Outputs, Phantom Power and a noise floor of -130dBV. The TEF25 comes with the SoundLab SLUPG1 Software Upgrade that allows you to use previously purchased TEF Sound Lab software or new Version 6 software. The TEF25, along with your laptop computer and TEF Software, is all you need to make TEF measurements. It's easy to carry and can be powered directly from your USB computer port. We are also pleased to announce NC 0 Ultra Low Noise Certification for the TEF25. Click here for more info. Also available are a number of product mixes offered in KIT form. Click here to see the complete selection of new TEF Kits.

EZTune software is available for fast set up in small acoustical spaces. It includes automated routines for easy measurements of SPL, Reflections, Frequency Response, Optimal Filter settings for EQ and a Modal Calculator from our friends at McSquared Design Group.

All TEF20 windows programs: MLS, PEQ, PET, PLR, RTA, SLX and TDS can now be run on the new TEF25 USB Preamplifier.


The Original Sound Lab TDS Manual for DOS is available for download. Go to the TEF Tips page.

TEF and INTELLIGIBILITY - The TEF20 analyzer was put through it's paces at an Intelligibility Workshop. Download the article. 419K. This article is provided through the courtesy of Syn-Aud-Con.

To place an order, for service on existing products, or for support regarding your use of TEF products, call Gold Line at 203-938-2588.